USB power supply for a Meridian Magellan

Doing some wardriving i found that having no power supply for the GPS receiver is a bad thing. As i anyway used a USB/Serial converted i thought of simply driving the GPS receiver from the USB port. Cutting of the insulation of the USB/Serial converter i found this.

Steps i took to reduce my Spam

As Spam gets a more and more interesting problem i am doing experiments on how to prevent spam from beeing received. Additionally i am doing statistics about spam received in my inboxes. See here for my current documentation.

SMTP proxy via WCCP

I bring down the number of mails a SPAM drone can send out i was thinking about rate limiting DSL users with an SMTP proxy. To use some common technique i was thinking about SMTP proxying via WCCP (Web Cache Coordination Protocol). I did a little proof of concept.


After i did some wardriving a couple of years ago and did not save the results i have done so now. Wardriving in "Ostwestfalen-Lippe" shows some data of and around my current hometown.

PMTUd (Path MTU Discovery)

I found a nice title of a paper presented at LISA 2002 - Its title was "Over-Zealous Security Administrators Are Breaking The Internet" which gets the point. Dropping ICMP disregarding the type or code was never a good idea and it effectively breaks parks of how TCP works. This is getting a bigger and bigger problem in the PPPoE worlds as this causes the MTU on a link in the middle to be reduced. See pmtud.rfc822.org for my page with automatic testing capabilities.

Anonymous read only Mail

I was fed up of giving away my e-mail address wherever i was going to download some 10 lines of code. I tried using Mailinator and other services and didn't like their HTML or attachment handling so i decided to write my own read only, anonymous webmailer. See http://wasteland.rfc822.org.

scp chrooted

Retrieve files via scp from a host not beeing able to read other peoples and system files. Share the uid among all users. See my solution for this problem.

Linux auf Siemens RM200/300/400/600

Before another effort to bring this to life gets discarded i am publishing what i have here.

DVB Multicast Streaming

Streaming of full DVB-S transponders into multiple multicast groups, one per program either Radio or Television, as a demultiplexed TS (Transport Stream).


MiniLinux is a small Debian based distribution which is made for running read-only from an ramdisk and mounting the binarys read-only from a loopback squashfs.

Self Made LOM

SM-LOM" is a Light out Management for non LOM enabled machines e.g. Digital Decstations, SNI RM200 and others. It provides a USB to Serial converter, a power switch and a reset switch.

MP3 Terminal

MP3 Terminal is a project of mine to build a MP3 Hifi Terminal for the Living room usable with a touchscreen and easy to use much like your good old CD Player